A young happy couple is ready to indulge in lovemaking anywhere, anytime, in the stormy initial period of love they go through. Fortunately and unfortunately, this movie-like period always fades away over time, and then, then you’ve really got to get creative! At Space Feeling we believe that you can play your own bedroom into a favorable environment to boost your intimacy, that’s why we put together a few ideas of how to do a simple renovation of the bedroom interior to help you purposefully rekindle your intimate relationship. Here are 10 practical suggestions:


1. The color of the walls. It is not necessary to immediately turn your bedroom into Madame Pompadour’s boudoir, painting all the walls and ceilings in various shades of red. Red is undoubtedly the most exciting, but also the most annoying color. Therefore, if you want to empower and excite more the female part you should implement such a complex color into the interior very carefully, rather introduce RED in fabrics and details.

Choosing a bedroom color, it is traditionally recommended to turn to romantic colors — delicate shades of purple, blue, pink, peach. However, if, as in the majority of heterosexual couples “the leader” is the man, the bedroom should in no case looks like a doll-girl room.

The opposite, it should be more about strength and masculinity. Gray, blue, white combined with shades of natural wood and black details — this is the most empowering interior to reinforce man’s sexuality! (Recall the interior of Mr. Gray’s bedroom from the movie “50 shades of gray”)




2. Lighting. The bedroom should be equipped with different types of lighting — but pay special attention to intimate lighting — therefore subdued lights that are weaker instead of stronger. To do this, you can change the lampshades to darker ones, add LED lights under the bed, install dimmers for a general light, or just buy candles to have on the windows but far from curtains. Still this oldest source of light remains the most intimate in the world.




3. Mirrors.Yes, here you will not be surprised at all, but according to a study of University of Toronto Mississauga heading by Amy Muise, more than 50% of the couples whose mirrors appeared in their bedrooms felt revitalized in their sex life. Reflection in moments of intimacy creates the effect of voyeurism, the presence of someone else, the effect of shooting a film, all this refreshes up passion even in long-term relationships. According to the practice of Feng Shui, it is energetically bad when a mirror looks at a sleeping person, but it’s up to you to decide what is more important!


4. Comfort. While choosing a bed and a mattress, you need to remember that the couple which has a better sleep, has a better sex. Therefore, the bed should be, first of all, comfortable for sleeping, and in the second — a testing ground for your sexual victories. Most interviewed couples prefer quite high and fairly hard mattresses and certainly not creaking beds. But the presence of forged headboards is also preferred by a sufficient majority of sexually happy couples, here everyone is ready to sacrifice the comfort.


5. TV and gadgets. As you probably guess the bedroom is not a proper place for permanent electronic gadgets as they reduce focus from the two main purposes of your couple’s bedroom: recovery sleep and sex. Create a digital detox in your bedroom. Our passion for media and Internet technologies leads to a significant reduction of our fantasy which is so in need in our sexual lives.


6. Bathroom. Planning a bathroom next to the bedroom is the right choice, so go deeper and make a glass partition between the bed and the shower. This again brings us back to the effect of peeping, or simply to admiring the lines of your partner’s wet body.

According to a survey of US couples, those who take a shower together are more satisfied with their sexual life.





7. Decor.This is the easiest way to change the atmosphere. The most winning and sexually exciting bedroom decor is large-format black-and-white photographs of naked figures, something familiar to Helmut Newton style. Abstract paintings and surreal scenes also intrigue the imagination. Attributes of masculinity — African masks, totems, and horns — may appear in the form of décor. And, of course, the presence of mirrors and candles described earlier is allowed.




8. Clatter. However, talking about decor, it is very important not to overfill the space with it. Saturated with the details interiors distract from the main thing, they do not allow you to concentrate or to relax. Your collection of machines or dolls, an exhibition of cosmetics, books and vases can easily be placed in a more suitable place, and children, friends or parents looking at you from the walls, are not an exception!


9. Carpet. All our tactile sensations should come in a periodic tone. According to Chinese practices, a huge number of vital points and, no less important, erogenous zones are concentrated on our feets. The presence of a soft fluffy carpet will allow you not only more often to walk barefoot and stimulate the nerves of the feet, but also to have a backup option, in case you two get bored of the bed. Traditional carpets and rugs, as well as animal fur rugs or their high-quality imitations will suit here.



10. Textile. Fabrics in the decoration of the bedroom play a huge role. From curtains to bedding, everything matters. The curtains should be thick not to let the light through and allow you to create an intimate atmosphere during all the day. Decorative pillows will also not be superfluous — they can create coziness and softness and can serve well in many other situations. But special attention should be paid to the choice of bed linen. According to polls, silk linen remains the most sensuous, its flowing coolness tickles and teases our skin even during sleeping. Viscose based on bamboo and satin are equally pleasant for sleep and intimacy. The color of linen also matters, no bright colors and flower patterns, no dots and colored geometry, the sexiest is the linen of uniform natural shades — black, gray, beige, white, dark green, dark blue.


According to a study of signs of happiness, conducted by British scientists together with Happyfy.com, happy couples have sex 2–3 times a week.

More sex → more happiness: if couples have sex almost every day, they are 55% more likely to respond positively to the question of whether they are happy.

Having sex at least once a week makes people more positive by 44%.

Follow some of these suggestions, renovate your bedroom and hopefully have a more inspired intimate life with your better half!


SpaceFeeling — the expert of your happy home!