How it works

SpaceFeeling offers online interior design services provided by professional architects, decorators and interior designers.



To start a project :

We need some crucial information. Our client must provide us (via our form – just follow the steps) documents such as the existing plans with the heights of space, precise which room(s) they would like to arrange, the furniture and accessories budget, the colours and materials that they like, select pictures with the style they’re searching to have and upload pictures of the room(s) in question. Once all the documents received, we send a precise price offer for the design.
Regarding our prices, the cost is based on the square meters of the space that needs to be designed and the price remains fixed. Therefore, our customer is free to do only one room (starting from 10 m²) or his whole house.
We start the job when our offer is accepted. To begin, we need a working week to design the first sketch seen as 3D photo-realistic images. For this stage, we have taken into account all the requirements and demands of our client.
The images help you to visualise your new universe and allow you to understand the space before the work even begin! We work with an idea of “what you see is what you get” – everything is thought of ! Interior design must be harmonious and not separate elements put next to each other.


What is included in our offer :

  • Development of the project by using 3D photo realistic images (1 conceptual first idea + 1 free modification)

  • Annotated floor plans (furniture dimensions of the elements seen on the confirmed sketch)

  • Light positioning plan

  • Furniture and accessories shopping list that is in your budget ( + if you have existing furniture that you would like to keep, we can integrate them into your project).


What can be done for a small extra cost :

  • Electricity plan

  • Plumbing plan

  • More modifications to the 3D images 



What is the difference between SpaceFeeling and the traditional approach?




Tradition Interior Designer

Personalised approach



Project communication tool

3D photo realistic images

2D moodboards and/or only plans





Fixed price/m²


Contact and appointments

Online 24/7 (emails)

On appointments (trips)

Technical plans



3D renderings


On demand

Shopping list of the furniture and accessories    


On demand

Project budget range

All : low, medium, high


Project development duration

2 to 4 weeks

6 months

Monitoring the works


Yes (extra cost)