A neo-classical interior, a lovely penthouse in Monaco


Beautiful sunny Monaco… Our clients, the new owners of this lovely apartment, are a Russian family who live in the big city, Moscow. However, as many others, for the summer holidays, they prefer to go a warmer place and close to the sea. What better place to buy than this flat ? A place amazing views overlooking the sea. The dream of many designers would be to work on such a project : a neo-classical apartment style.

The apartment they bought is located in an old building built in the beginning of the 20th century. Therefore, it needed a full restoration and a refresh! It has preserved old carved marble fireplaces, stucco mouldings on the ceilings, French balconies, wooden blinds… We, as designers, consider that these exact elements are most valuable – they allow us to preserve the individuality and authenticity of the environment, era, style. However, there were also nuances in the decision because the building is quite old. Therefore, many of the walls in it were not radically changeable. In addition, the layout of the apartment itself presupposes the preservation of the only possible existing corridor system. Thus, the layout of the apartment was almost unchanged.



While working on this interior, we with our clients developed three main approaches:

  1. to keep all the present valuable elements of decoration in the apartment

  2. create a southern/summer interior atmosphere

  3. make a modern and comfortable for living interior design

The basic idea and solution was precisely based on the harmonious combination of these three approaches. Moulded decor, classic window frames, the intact old marble fireplaces, mirrors referring to the classic French interiors of the late 19th century. Mostly white walls, wooden blinds, the use of the marine and floral motifs on textiles and colours create this southern atmosphere looked for. It also enhances on a relaxing ambiance. However, the space organisation and smart furniture gave a modern touch. We even added some ultra-modern 21st century furniture and lighting objects.


The penthouse’s layout

The apartment could be divided into two parts, the front and the back area. The back area could be considered the way when following the corridor leading to two bedrooms; one for their daughter and the other one for their son, the children’s bathroom and the kitchen. Why is the kitchen so far from the dining room? Well, as we said, we kept the original floor plan as is, plus, this also reduced the renovation costs.
On the other side of the apartment, there is the dining room in question, the unusual living room and a third bedroom. This is the master bedroom has its on suit.

All the rooms are designed with the idea of having a light and airy interior design. Our clients love functional none crowded places. We offered to use a colour palette of several natural shades, to create a cosy and elegant atmosphere. We also used mostly light furniture with rarely contrasting elements. Additionally, an abundance of mirror surfaces where placed as they visually expand the small spaces. And, bright juicy accents are seen through the textiles, accessories and carpet. This made the interior cozy and alive. In conclusion, a mixture of contemporary furniture style with old classic environmental elements gave an interesting final look.