The perfect cocooning! A small lady’s apartment in pastel colours with brown accents.


When boarding an airplane, we all cross path with the radiant smiles of the flight attendants, who politely show passengers to their seats. And, when you look at these hostesses, whose appearances show incredible calmness and friendliness, it makes you wonder how do they manage and how do they actually live! Our charming client Brigitte has been working as a stewardess for more than 6 years now. Today she flies to Paris, tomorrow she will be greeted by Barcelona, then in a few days, she will feel the Italian hospitality. It always has been the job of her dreams. However, with her busy schedule, she is exhausted once the job finished! The most pleasant moment for her is when she comes home. Despite this ongoing lifestyle in the air, Brigitte has a pied-a-terre in Zaventem.


The stewardess lifestyle

“Once off the plane and in Belgium, you realise that the drama, mess, stress is behind you and you’re finally home.

You are ruled by only one desire, and it is to quickly jump into your bed and just relax.”  – Brigitte

Therefore, it is important that her apartment’s atmosphere brings her the peace and quiet that she so needs to recuperate. It is quite a normal size for a one bedroom place. As the living room is joint to the dining room and open kitchen, neutral colours came in handy. They give a sense of purity and order. It expands the space and serves as a good background for other pastel colours and decoration. As an accent, we chose a pleasant brown which is the colour of the earth (ironic for someone who spends more time in the air than on the ground!). You won’t find a more ideal shade for an interior that seeks to be comfortable and cosy ! It is a great way to calm down for dynamic people like Brigitte, who lives such an active life and communicates with a lot of people every day. The same effect is provided by natural materials. So, to stay in that calming atmosphere we added natural wood in her studio. 

As the space isn’t big, zoning out intelligently the areas is crucial. Our stewardess wanted a relaxation corner where she can read her books and watch TV. We chose a sofa with huge comfy cushions. A neat and concise kitchen design with all the necessary but not excesses. And, a refined dining area for it to leave the main focus on the living area.

TIP : A great way to alter the interior is to use beautiful textiles. Carpets with lovely patterns, a large number of delightful pillows and delicate curtains (to elongate the room height, make them hang from the ceiling). This created a special mood in the house. And of course, by adding stylish abstract compositions and a little decor, you complete the design.


scandinavian dining room design – scandinavian light style – compacted living room area