Classic interior design with a touch of the chocolate mood, perfect for a large family.


Did you know that each colour bears a special significance? It affects every person, by his mood and even his state of mind in different ways! For example, the brown colour symbolises reliability and gives to the room a special cozinessFor our client, a wonderful couple and their newborn baby, the brown colour was the best option for emotional relief. They work a lot, while spend a lot of their time in bright places surrounded by loud people and noises – a really tiring energy. Plus, with Victoria, it’s even more tiring even if it’s the happiest moment of their lives! They wish to totally transform their home to a place where you feel the calm and good energy.


The project idea

In their new house, we tried to create a cozy feeling while maintaining a friendly atmosphere. Undoubtedly, for such a welcoming family, the dining room and kitchen area are very important spaces. It is where Christelle greets her family and friends to have a delicious meal. It needed to be a functional space, where there are no excessive furniture pieces, spacious place, where everything is comfortable and simple!

In the kitchen, thanks to closed cabinets, we were able to use rationally the space. Notes of greens and small decor, such as transparent vases and lamps create a relaxing atmosphere. They do not distract you, only contribute to absorbing pleasant emotions. 

We also designed a spacious bathroom, Victoria’s bedroom, the master bedroom, two hallways and the living room. Simple geometry, lots of space and light materials give a harmonious feeling – the one so looked for!


The family’s tradition : a cinema room !

Nearly every evening, the family gathers around to see an old film, therefore, the living/TV room became the real highlight of their house. Soft armchairs, a comfortable large sofa and soulful atmosphere brought the cinema home to them! The perfect area where our characters can relax after the busy everyday life and watch movies.  Would you love to have a home cinema?  Do you have family traditions?


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