Clement’s family

The harmony of nature and architecture in the luxurious villa project.

Do you dream of a place where you do not hear the city noise? Where you only hear the birds sing? Well, Clement did too. He came to us with his large-scale project, where our team needed to act not only as designers but also as talented architects. He dreamt for many years about a luxurious interior design where in the daytime the sun shine walks into his home and at night a velvet canvas of stars shimmers through the windows. A place where nature surrounded him and softly enters his home with cautious steps. Big windows give everyone the feeling that there is no limit between the interior and exterior spaces, giving the impression that they are one. However, hidden far away from outsiders’ eyes thanks to the dense bushes.


How did we design this project?

Contrasts and tranquillity are key elements! Clement’s villa is an abundance of natural materials and shows a “honest design”. This place is like the porcelain figurines: carefully sculpted! We wisely controlled every corner of the house while giving a continuous flow to it. This enlarges even more the spacious existing rooms.

Thanks to natural light we get a great shadow/light game and a luxury interior design. This is the natural beauty people strive for as it adds character to a place while looking like art. In our case, large windows and a variety of chic modern lamps have turned the house into a real masterpiece! “A touch of luxury and nature” is the motto of this project! 


The main concept

The whole villa opens towards an “interior” terrace that becomes the generator of the private life of the house. The internal spaces are in permanent communication between them by inner glazed windows and by a ‘central avenue’. All living spaces are designed on one level, except the master suite, which is toally protected from outside looks and has an interior patio on the first floor. Furthermore, the design has created on strict rule regulations : ecological and sustainable design.

Our customers didn’t believe that his ideal house is finally built and ready to move into! The world is made of imagination, faith, trust and of fairies. Yes, fairies! We are your fairies, architect fairies!