When nature grows out of the boundaries and comes into your home.

How can we let nature come in to our house? There are many different ways. For instance, if you have a house you can have floor to ceiling windows and they naturally big the sun and nature in. If you have an apartment, simply placing plants and flower will help you have a fresh look. Our client, Frederico bought his new house next to the fields and therefore, surrounded by the beautiful nature.


The living room design

Federico knew the style he wanted for his house and chose his ideal kitchen himself as he knew exactly what he needed. However, he wish to have help with the living and dining room area. Therefore, his interior design was based around his kitchen. We were definitely looking to have a unique atmosphere. Due to the lighting and big glazed windows, one can have an amazing view on the picturesque landscape and life itself fills the space up. We wanted to enhance the effect of lightness and openness even more, so we played with the contrast of different textures and colours. “Let the walls speak” – we say. We didn’t stack the interior up with furniture nor didn’t put a great number of wardrobes, shelves, chandeliers,… and coffee tables in the room! However, big light grey couches, light framed chairs, tables on thin legs and wide dark wooden surfaces create a relaxing resort ambiance. The contrasting game turned out great! A combination of white walls and grey/brown wooden floors is very popular and it creates the sense of coolness. We get the feeling of freedom!


The lighting strategy 

Lighting appliances also highlight the space. An elegant Arco floor lamp by Flos in the living room zone, spot lights and suspended lamps above the table match each other greatly. Playing with different looks also create a spaces and help people to zone out the areas. Dense curtains limit the space and hide it from the outside when it is wished for. Accessories, such as small pots with plants and vases made of natural materials complement the interior and make it look complete, while helped to warm up this interior.

How do you like our idea? Would you like to live in such a house?

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