Comfortable elementary two-bedroom apartment designed for a traveler lover.


Some people can’t live without shopping, others have collections and some are very passionate travelers! France, Norway, Italy, Greece, England, Germany… our client has been to more than 20 countries! He definitely cannot be called monotonous! A pleasant companion, a spiritual man, Jacques loves travelling and experiencing the world!“ Trying new recipes, listening to unusual music, seeing amazing nature and unique culture, that’s what travelling means to me!” says Jacques.

But just like other people, he also wants to have his own place – a place where he can call home and which is great to come back to! Our design is concise, functional and cozy. The apartment is for a bachelor who likes to have small barbecue parties on his back porch and grow eco-products when he has the time. We truly chose “men” materials. Simple geometry was just about right! An accent concrete wall is an amazing background for a shelf where he can place all the souvenirs he has collected from his different holidays. Thanks to the big glazing, Jacques will feel closer to nature and feel a more intimate atmosphere but still can easily pull-down the curtains or blinds! Discreet geometrical pictures combined with a carpet that perfectly complements the couch area by creating a really comfortable rest zone.

Feeling cozy in a man’s place is real! You just need a bit of fantasy and creativity. How do you find this place?