Joel & Avril

A cozy short-term home with a joyful design for all couch-suffers.


They say that similar people attract each other. Who knows, is it by accident or by faith? For our new clients, it was faith! Their personalities and interests work greatly together as they think as one. Joel and Avril are a sociable and merry couple. Two young people with both charisma and unique talent! Fantasies do not hold them back! After all, every day they write amazing fairy-tales with magical worlds and unique characters for children’s books. As, they work from home, they came up with an amazing idea.


Family design that can accommodate hosts.

Their home is a place not just for them but also for people from many different countries. Our clients are «couch-surfers», this means that they host strangers from all over the world when they are travelling to Brussels.

Our clients’ property is located in the city center. Luckily, they have a relatively big house and therefore, they had an extra room that they wanted to refurbish. The idea was to welcome these travellers to a special area as often they travel for months without seeing their family. Avril wished for a place where they could talk to each other while enjoying a home cooked meal. Despite of the outside noise created by the crowds of people walking in the streets, they wanted a cozy and joyful design. 


The design look

White – a suitable material for the kitchen and living room wall finishes, contrasting nicely with the wooden floor while expanding the room. For it to be more fun, we placed colourful furniture pieces to create a special atmosphere. This composition creates lots of seating! 

Near the kitchen area there is a painted blackboard wall. The habitants are able to transcribe their favorite meals recipes, do small drawings or can simply leave kind words of support to their lovely hosts. In the kitchen, as it is often used, we put a high quality kitchen brand : Pedini which has many appliances. To keep the space as open and light as possible, we added a half wall half window partition to separate the kitchen worktop with the lounge area. We perfectly combined different types of lighting to accentuate certain functional areas, so one can do his things without interfering with another person. We also kept the existing concrete wall that accentuates the authenticity of the space and makes it look original. However, it is really these colourful furniture pieces and the blackboard that give the character to the space!

This interior is the portrait of the owners – simple, lively and creative. We are ready for new upcoming experiments!