The ideal chill-out apartment for a single man.

How do you imagine the interior of a successful young man? Someone who rarely stays at home and has a fine sense of style. Marshall is sociable, organised and a confident gentleman. His new acquisition is located in an old small building on one of the picturesque streets of Brussels. Despite the apartment’s small size, we had to create the most spacious, outstanding and comfortable space as possible, while being fully aware with the way our client lives!


The bold colours can zone out small spaces.

We preferred to go for black and white colours to make the apartment look stylish and at the same time “bold”. Monochrome wall colours play an important role as background for the decor and furniture to stand out. By using a contrasting colour combinations, we solved several problems at once. First, we have enhanced on the functional zones of this small apartment. And secondly, the black and white colours emphasise on the pure geometry and simple forms of the furniture.


The design process for this small apartment.

We didn’t want to fill the apartment with lots of furniture, so we used only the necessary. Convenient and practical! Functional, simplicity without any excesses. Framed coffee tables, a graceful floor lamp, suspended lamps and a comfortable sofa don’t clutter up the space but do effectively complement it. A small amount of beautiful decor such as: patterned pillows, vases, candles and a soft carpet with an amusing geometric pattern brought home comfort in the interior and diversified it. Also, a nice reminder – no fine interior can be made without nature!

Little incite : four different coloured chairs can give joy to your interior and gives a Scandinavian look – be creative !

Would you like to live in such a wonderful apartment?


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