Noel and Annette

A small living area enlarged through metallic-glass partitions.


“We are young, we are free!”  is the motto of our new clients, a wonderful couple, Noel and Annette. It’s amazing to work with such active, smiley and happy people! Our French couple are very open minded and are up to experimenting with their new interior design. Noel is actually a sculpture designer and Annette is a teacher in a Private School.

A small living room area and a compacted kitchen can be very fashionable if they are well thought of. Usually a finding the perfect layout for a small living room and compacted kitchen can be quite difficult to design. Finding the perfect and practical combination are the most complicated… But not for us! Challenge accepted! It was a chance for us to test ourselves and create a unique design for our joyful clients.


The recipe for a happy interior is simple.

As the space is small, we chose a great way of visually widening it up by adding fine geometrical lines and transparent partitions. About the favorite colours of our clients; dusty pink and dark blue, which are luckily a great match and combine perfectly to the dark wooden surfaces. Plus, a combination of abstraction and everlasting classics, perky pictures and straight shapes reflect the owner’s portrait. These two are ready to embrace all the challenges such as bold ideas and combinations. A pinch of lush green flowers allows the nature into the house.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, dear friends! Even the most unreal or crazy ideas can be a new beginning of your life!