Philippe and Solène

The jungle takeover! A tropical atmosphere created for the young couple.

Our customers, Phill and Solene, a beautiful young couple have just moved apartments to begin the family life. As Solène is a few months pregnant, they would love to have a cosy place to welcome their little new one home. It is never an easy decision when needing to choose an interior style in addition to having a restricted budget, furniture hunting can be very difficult. As our couple have some semi-new furniture pieces, they wanted us to incorporate them into their new living room design.


The apartment’s tropical atmosphere design.

Their house needs to be a cosy and the perfect chill out place. Therefore, the tropical style has come in handy! The use of natural colours with rattan furniture and accessories have helped us to create the necessary atmosphere. One of recreation and an endless summer even if there could be snow outside. The centre of the apartment is the living room. For this design we have a special colour thanks to the palm tree wallpaper. For this space, we also took into account the owners wishes, so, in the living room design we placed a large shelving in which our couple can store their books and souvenirs. While also requesting to have a small working area too. The only area where it was possible to place it was next to the kitchen and dining room. A gradient green wall gives a nice reminder to the living room and isn’t too bold looking.

Every home always causes certain emotions and associations. Some houses evoke a desire to leave this place quicker, while others call you to stay longer, surrounding you with warmth and cheeriness. We hope that their new interior design will awaken them with only positive emotions!


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