Roberto and Gilles


Our clients, Roberto and Gilles, actually living in London just bought an old small summer house in south of Italy. They have been wanting to buy a holiday place for years now and have finally found the perfect spot. As they know the area quite well they wanted to keep the southern style while modernising it. They are lively people, so asked us to reflet they character in their interior. So, natural materials and some colour was essential elements to create a continuous summer vibe.




Furniture hunting
To know what you want is kind of easy… The hard bit is to accommodate your place in your budget. Their problem, like many others, is that they have a low furniture budget and don’t know where to find nice furniture to create a cosy atmosphere. They knew about our online design services so contacted us.

We proposed in two steps a modern summer house design. Light bright interiors give a feeling of having a bigger space. Their place is quite elongated, therefore, it was important to not enhance that factor but rather to try to give an impression that it is wider. Colours simply give joy to the interior and give spirit to the place. Interior architecture doesn’t only mean that you redecorate, but it means that you can work with the existing elements. Knowing when to keep the original elements is crucial, for exemple, here we preserved the arches and doors to enhances on the interior design style.


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