The Lans Family

Carefully designed small nest for a large family.

A small apartment isn’t a bad thing. What really is important in such projects is to fit all the necessary items densely and to leave as much free space as possible. Anyways, such functionality shouldn’t be boring. We have here only 60 square meters for a family of four. Impossible? – NOT AT ALL !

Recently we had been working on this apartment: a compact place for a happy family; Agnes, Lans and their charming twins, Arabel and Phillis. They are still little babies, so they don’t need anything special, therefore, there are no problems with having a big amount of toys nor a lack of space for their storage. Every family is unique with its own habits and lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to think in advance what kind of renovations will be done and what kind of furniture will be needed. Each family member should have comfortable living conditions. They needed a functional kitchen for Agnes, where she can experiment with the desserts. A pleasent working space for Lans, where he can write his articles and, finally, a soft place for the kids, where they will be able to watch cartoons and merrily jump all around the sofa.

White walls and ceiling visually enlarge the space and fill it with light. Wooden floors are really popular nowadays due to its ability to make the space cozy and warm, and thanks to easily matching colors and textures. A small kitchen space with everything necessary for cooking and a marble backsplash makes the interior exquisite. Oh, what can one do when women just love marble?! Across from the kitchen we decided to place a corner sofa. By the way, Agnes is a huge fan of black and white pictures, that’s why she loves taking pictures of people and nature. We displayed a composition of her pictures which she can change any time she likes. We also added combined lighting as it helps all the family members, they now can do their own things with their own lighting, without interfering with each other.

We tried to fill the space with light, coziness and various textures. Now we just hope that it will also be filled with lots of happy emotions!